Fire and Circus

This new years the Twisted Frequency fire and circus crew are bringing a huge range of toys as well as a healthy supply of fuel and are inviting you to come play, learn new tricks and spin some FIRE!

We are running workshops from the 31st till the 2nd, midday until 6pm.

5-6pm is an open spin session, all the workshop teachers will be hanging out jamming and welcome you to ask them anything! Or just come join us for an evening spin before we kick off the night and crack out the pegasol!

Offering an awesome range of workshops from, Pass the Poi, Ground Staff, Hula Hoops, Juggling and so much more!!!

Circo peeps be sure to join us for a massive group spin before the midnight countdown!


The SYSTEM- what is it, where is it, and how do we ‘fuck’ it? 

We talk about ‘the system’ all the time, but what and where do we imagine 'it' to be? We probably all have very different ways of imagining the systems we live in. Let’s explore that. If the majority of our challenges (inequality, violence, climate change, take your pick) are systemic, what do we picture when we say ‘systemic’ change? Your guess is as good as mine, and I’d love to hear them. From the wildly abstracted to the directly experienced, let’s have a (facilitated) chat about what we think our systems are, and how to find them.

Liberation Theatre

Acting Out- Liberation Games 

We all play games, and we learn by playing. So come join in with theater games at the 'Groove lounge' that explore ideas of oppression, liberation and solidarity. Let’s look at the games that play and control us, and the games we play that control others. Through impulse and fun, we can learn to recognise the games we’re playing, and open up new ways of being and communicating that liberate one another- it’s about time. Life’s a game, let’s play!

Mixed Jam Session

Music is the most important part of many of our lives.
To honour music in its most intuitive form, each night at Twisted Frequency, The Groove Lounge will host a four hour mixed jam session. 
Bring your guitars, sitars, woodwind, brass, triangles, kazoos, synthesizers, strings and singing voices along to share and create with the whole spectrum of the Twisted musical crew.
We will have a drum kit, basic backline (guitars, bass, amps), keyboard and microphones. If you have anything specific for your musical expression please bring it along. 
Jam spaces at music festivals need not be restricted to campsites, but in order for this space to bloom and to become a permanent feature at our festivals your participation is essential.
Creativity is key, leave your covers at the door. (Seriously please don't play wonderwall)

Haus House

Welcome to the madness!
So, as you may or may not be aware Tech-9 Productions are running a zone at Twisted Frequency this new year. Dubbed the Haus House‚Äč.

The Zone will be held inside a marquee with a small mega soundsystem creating an intimate club style vibe with House and Techno being the main musical focus. boots and cats for all… with baby booties and kittens at some stages. There will be “strict” conditions for entry which will be enforced. (at random times) by our well trained bouncers. So you had better be on your best party behaviour!

On top of the musical offerings there will be themed nights for your pleasure.

30th December - Cock Tails
31st December - Best Dressed Techno Finger
1st January - Undies on the outside
2nd January - Beached Az Bro
3rd January - The Final Rinse (Lyttleton Style Afternoon sessions)

Open Mic Session

Calling all rappers...

This year at Twisted you are welcomed to come share your rhymes at a dedicated hip hop open mic session. Written or freestyle we want to hear what you got. With our main man Loom spinning some dope instrumentals, there's sure to be an opportunity to find your flow and share your rhythmic wisdom at Twisted Frequency.

We very much hope this jam will inspire more hip hop, more collaborations and high levels of entertainment.
Leave any bigotry, misogyny and discriminatory lyrics at home. There's enough of that destructive gear in this world already.

Tough Talk Q&A

Sam O’Sullivan, a Clinical Psychologist, has spent the last year traveling around New Zealand in his van creating short documentaries with everyday Kiwi men about their tough stories, how they support their wellness and mates, and what it takes to be tough on the inside -. This is an opportunity to ask Sam questions about the project, his motivation, interviews, and experiences on the road. There will also be space to express your views.



Self-defence in Cyberspace: Beginner class

Technology shouldn't make us anxious; we are a technological species, after all. This workshop will help you better-defend yourself online.
Simple knowledge and careful behavior are our best defenses. The beginner workshop covers the following:

• Protecting yourself on social networks
• Avoiding malware and pwnage
• Operational security for political activists and protesters

Stuart MacIntosh is a hacker and security consultant from Christchurch with a misspent youth involving cars, electronics and computers.

Belzor Yoga

This year the groove lounge will open with twice daily morning Yoga sessions. This particular yogi has been a part of the Twisted crew for years. Having recently studied as a Yoga trainer in India, she has since been running outdoor classes across Melbourne. We are happy to have her returning to Aotearoa to share her teachings with us. Be sure to visit her newly created page and give it a like.

Yogues with Belzor:

Annabelle's classes combine traditional Hatha and Ashtanga styles of yoga, with an emphasis on flowing sequences and a relaxed earthy teaching style.
Stretch, align and reconnect with your sweet bod, inside and out.
Yogi's of all experience levels are encouraged to join in. Wherever you're at in your party vibes, you'll be sure to float away on a blissed out cloud of joy, ready to get back to the dancefloor for mischief and rompage.


Mental health among men is a major issue in New Zealand, there is an unfortunate culture of keeping our issues to ourselves and sometimes they can overwhelm us with tragic results. This workshop is a long overdue opportunity for men in our wider community to speak openly about their lives, emotions and share ways to help each other through the tough times.

Men’s Circle:

A safe space for people who identify as male to share and connect with the challenging experiences they’ve faced in life. We will tune into our senses to gain focus and then offer ideas for making the group safe. Each person will have a few minutes to share if they want to, everyone will be encouraged to listen, and there will be an opportunity for a few people to call for feedback from the group. We will finish with an activity to help shift the atmosphere back to festivities.

Twisted Poetry Jam

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was the beginning.

This year we are hosting the first of many: Twisted Poetry Jams.
Are you an...
Established poet? Bedroom bard? Ranter and raver adept in language and rhythm?
Do you have songs penned in a book not usually for sharing? Lines of lyrics that you have long been preparing? 
We welcome all musings, thoughts, lyrics, poems... Whether you are a Poetry veteran or a first timer, please come and share, round off this year and speak in 2018.
Not a competition like your traditional poetry slam but more an open forum to put verse to tongue.

New Zealand flora and fauna and the modern landscape

An open discussion about Birds,plants, weeds,gardening and conservation in New Zealand.
Drawing on his years of work for the Christchurch botanic gardens and for the Department of conservation Luke-Bird will cover a range of topics including:

Unique Native plants and creatures
Basic plant identification
Why biodiversity is important.
What is a weed? When is a weed not a weed?
Conservation and intervention. When should we step in?
Native wildlife and urban environments
Where to from here?

Belly Flames

A journey to the womb and re-connection with our goddess bodies through this ancient dance. belly dance teaches us to control each muscle with awareness, listen and work with our bodies which as women hold the gates of the universe.


Acroyoga (AKA Acrobalance) is a fantastically fun and unique way to connect with people and yourself! Balance, flexibility, agility and strength are important, but communication is key! With a base and flyer, communication between the two is integral. Orientation differences leads to incorporating non-verbal communication, which is funny, interesting and refreshing! Acroyoga provides the opportunity to experience a unique interaction with strangers (turned friends, of course!) and a different edge to relationships, communication and connection. Come explore and play with us - fly, base, laugh and have fun!! If this is somthing that interests you keep an eye out on the workshop schedule for your chance to learn.

Mindful Meditation

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."


Learn to calmly focus on the moment through a guided experience that teaches you to consciously move your attention through your senses, sensations in your body, and thoughts in your mind. There will be an opportunity to discuss your experience and the ideas behind the practice.

Graffiti Art

Joining us this year is Melbourne based Graffiti artist Max Richards. With many years of experience and a truly unique style, Max (Norelord) is going to be a fantastic addition to the visual experience this year at Twisted Frequency Festival
Keep an eye out for fresh pieces evolving throughout the event.
Shout outs to IronlaK Aotearoa for the sweet hookups over the last four years.

Tech Talk


Modern technology has brought us a long way, from the first implementation of electricity to the tiny nano-scale circuits we find in our smartphones today. Whether you like it or not, our future is going to be powered by our never ending technological advances - from things as simple as full home automation, through to self-healing microorganisms for the human body, to artificial intelligence's that will play an increasing role in our society.

In this talk we will cover:

* Encryption and the importance of protecting your personal cyber security.
* Open source software - it’s importance, the role it is playing, and how we can use it to empower social change.
* The block chain - the problems it solves and creates and a dip into crypto currencies.
* Automation of human-based tasks and the impact this will have on society.
* Self-driving cars.
* How our future will be powered by sustainable & renewable energy.

And everything in between.

Sacred Geometry: Quantum Physics and Psycho-analytics

This workshop involves an academic lecture on the historical and scientific significance of Sacred Geometry and Mandalas, followed by an exploration of Jungian Psychotherapy and his utilisation of mandalas to explore the subconscious and integrate it with consciousness. It concludes with a lesson on how to draw the fundamental sacred geometries.

Self-Organising Communities

A facilitated discussion on growing communities in a way that empowers people to organise themselves. Sam will discuss processes and organisational systems designed to give people equal opportunity to make decisions without the need for traditional hierarchy. People are encouraged to bring their own learnings about organisations and share them with the group.

Permaculture Principles & Food Forest Concepts

An important issue we are facing in the coming future is how we can operate in a sustainable way while our population grows without effecting the earth and the natural world, this year at Twisted frequency we are running a range of workshops and discussions to further our knowledge and make connections with like minded people who have a passion for eco-friendly practices and conservation.


Introduction to Permaculture Principles & Food Forest Concepts: This series of workshops aims to provide a basic outline of Permaculture principles and give you an understanding of how Permaculture systems work in real world situations.

Womens' Circle

This year, all of us identifying as women have a zone for ourselves. This is a safe and sacred co-created space to gather with our sisters, or come alone, laugh and cry, share and listen, have or give a massage, do some art or yoga or nothing at all, just chill and feel nourished.


Circles will start each day at 10am, and go until they are done. If you have enthusiasm or energy for this, just turn up, If you have any books or taonga to add to the decorations or altar feel free. Set your intentions for a fabulous festival and beyond. I look forward to meeting you all. Briar aka Vagabond Rose.

Open Mic Session

Step right up... This year Twisted Frequency opens with you!!! Get amongst an early evening open mic session on the 30th of December. This session features in our Groove Lounge with slots being allocated on a "first in, best dressed" basis from 4-6 pm. Play your originals or your favorite folk interpretations of Wonderwall, Jagged Little Pill and Freebird. 
We have a selection of musical equipment for those who forget to bring their own.
Muchos Amore <3

Salsa Heat

A sexy, energetic movement journey into the realm of Latin dance. you will learn the basics of salsa, merengue, samba, cha cha cha and more, in a fun easy method that will keep you wanting more heat









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