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Tech Talk


Modern technology has brought us a long way, from the first implementation of electricity to the tiny nano-scale circuits we find in our smartphones today. Whether you like it or not, our future is going to be powered by our never ending technological advances - from things as simple as full home automation, through to self-healing microorganisms for the human body, to artificial intelligence's that will play an increasing role in our society.

In this talk we will cover:

* Encryption and the importance of protecting your personal cyber security.
* Open source software - it’s importance, the role it is playing, and how we can use it to empower social change.
* The block chain - the problems it solves and creates and a dip into crypto currencies.
* Automation of human-based tasks and the impact this will have on society.
* Self-driving cars.
* How our future will be powered by sustainable & renewable energy.

And everything in between.