Salmon Audio, New Zealand

  • Style: Minimal techno
Bio ; I'm Stephen Llewellyn Keeling I'm currently 24 years old and I grew up in Christchurch New Zealand.
Started playing guitar, found it under the tv when I was 7 grabbed it and made some noise on the two strings attached and have been hooked on music ever since. From singing along in church to playing in a metal bad called Dathegic when I was 14-15 I soon found Psytrance and the underground dance party scene around the age of 15 after listening to Shpongle and Infected Mushroom ect from the age of 12.
First big party was when I was 15 I went to Alienation and had a stella time meeting Grouch and seeing a lot of great musicians play.
During this phase of my life I got back into making electronic music again since when I was 13 using Acid Pro to make DNB. This time with a new found vigor for making 4 beat trance/techno.
A while later and I'm still casually at it jamming when I feel inspired.
My musical tastes extend through all genres and I love to find a new way of combining different elements of various styles.
The Salmon has given me much to be grateful for and I hope that the Salmon of life continues.


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