Shantaraam/Night Shayde

Universal tribe, Bahrain

  • Style: Downtempo, Techno, Psy
Helming from an island in the Arabian Gulf (Bahrain) known for being a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, this diversity is heavily reflected in this sound. The Shantaraam music project aims on bridging the divide, bringing east and west together. The sounds encompasses a wide spectrum of eastern influences blended with modern electronic instruments. The inception of this new project is attributed to the inspiration of many things including Gregory David Robert's Book Shantaram; as well as a deep passion to spread the sound of spiritual ascension, the music that i hope to deliver aims on bringing awareness to the divide between the ethnicities and religious factions caused by genocide, war and strife. This Shantaraam project is a wake up call for everyone to realize that the power of change only comes from within and if we are to move forward and sustainably in today's deteriorating planet then we can find common ground in the harmony of the universal language of music. Music can be more then a tool for distraction, it can be a revolutionary instrument of peace.
Tech Aid Project:
Meet the marathon man. Clad in surgical scrubs, Tech aid delivers an arsenal of sounds. Blending, midi controllers, world class fist pumping and a tooth pick to artfully create a surgical assault on your eardrums. Tech Aid is a qualified dance floor instructor with a degree in audio surgery. Programmed to perform extended sets in an hazardous fashion.Equipped with bewitching tunes, boundless energy and a big heart, you can catch him going off at a festival near you.
Keynote performances at 2011/2012 Strawberry Fields , Yellow Sunshine Festival, The Saint Kilda Festival, Opening Tree Of Life Australia / Turkey, Eclipse 2012 FNQ (Renegade set), Eclipse Festival Bahrain, Tribal Rhythms NSW 2013, Maitreya Festival 2013/2014 .
Life's work:
The Big Shabangabang a conscience event centred on charity contributions. Other accomplishments include running Volatile Sounds on kiss FM (2012 - 2013) and running events under Planet Dooftune.
NightShayde Project:
A Psy trance project inspired by the sounds of the night with influences from Bom Shanka Music, Looney Moon, Neurobiotic Records, and Nano. A founding member of Night Crawler records alongside Gorgon. The project has spanned across Perth, NSW and the family oriented Dragon Dreaming festival.
This is a new alias of Shantaraam, combining traktor remix decks, midi controllers and djing to create on the fly remixes with live sampling and trigger happy effect chaining. NightShayde goes beyond djing transforming sets into explosive physical movements.
NightShayde is Energy Redefined.


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