• Style: Progressive trance

Chilean Matias cox aka Complement, began developing his first musical interests at the age of 13 when he began playing drums and guitar. Complements' first approach to electronic music was in the year 2004 when he went to his first electronic festival. Shortly after he began mixing psytrance and progressive trance giving the chilean scene amazing results with his musical style and dark mixes. In 2009 Matias left to new zealand where his musical training grew and he installed his first studio where he began producing music. Mostly, progressive psychedelic with experimental sounds, bass lines, deep atmospheres with subtle minimal tech influences. Complement has been invited to many festivals and played alongside with artists like Grouch, Merkaba, Ricco Mazer, Gesh, Rollercoaster, Antix, Evil oil man, Xpiral, Hypogeo, among others. He has released 2 ep with geomagnetic records and participated in tracks with goa records and power house rec. Dj Compliment tempts you to check out some of his samples…You're in for a wicked psychedelic trip


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