Panther Claw

Rocktronic Records, New Zealand

  • Style: Electronic Rock

Panther Claw are Luke Leaf vocals/synths/samples and Reuben Pearce drums/vocals. A lythe two piece wall of sound based around the driving basslines and beats of dance music fused with the energy and rawness of post-punk.

As a two piece band what Panther Claw lack in band members they make up for with pure bristling energy! From the first synth note there's an electric tension crackling through the PA system. Driven by the electro-clash bass-lines of Leaf and the heavy right foot kick stomp of Pearce their shows have a 'what's going to happen next?' vibe and are filled with epic build-ups and euphoric releases that keep the dance floor packed and bouncing! 

Inspired by the geek-core of LCD Soundsystem, the Belgian swagger of Soulwax and the post dubstep sounds of James Blake, Panther Claw stand out in the QT music scene as unique and original. WIth one single released and a live set packed with hook filled crowd pleasers Panther Claw look ready to take a swipe at the future of the New Zealand music scene.

Look out for this prowling beast of a band at a venue, stage or festival near you!

- Joe Cowie (Little Massive/ The Killer Seas)


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