Invader Tron

New Zealand

  • Style: Glitch, Psy dub

Representing the downbeat side of electronic music, Andrew Snook, a.k.a Invader Tron, writes in a variety of musical styles, and often inter-breeds multiple genres to create a hybridised bulging mass of aural expression.

From spacious soundscapes to broken glitch-tech, synth driven psy dub and gaping ambience, he uniformly attempts to create a strong progressive habitat, and evolve along an organic musical direction. Invader Tron will mostly be seen and heard in and around the outdoor dance scene that has evolved around the abundance of magical outdoor locations.

He has performed at many major outdoor dance festivals such as “Canaan Downs,” “Voyage,” and Many “Massive” Solstice’s and Equinoxes. He has also had the privilege of performing in Australia at “Rainbow Serpent Festival,” several times, which attract 10,000 plus punters. He takes influences from such artists as Shulman, Blue Tech, Pitch Black, Solar Fields and Ishq.


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