3 Days to the East

Ill school productions, New Zealand

  • Style: Hip hop, Rap
3 Days to the East are more than your typical Invercargill rap crew who got on the scene opening for heavy metal bands. They've organised charity events, uploaded music videos to Youtube, and have been performing live shows for the last 3 years. Made up of 3 MCs (Adam Carter, Danegerous & Overstand), 3 Days to the East bring a different flavour to the Invercargill music scene celebrating the hip hop influences they had growing up.
Today 3 Days to the East are directing their efforts into making new material and recordings, after a strong focus on networking, performing alongside talented bands of multiple genres at venues and festivals. 3 Days to the East are looking forward to future releases and projects, like growing their label Ill School Productions, receiving broastcasting rotation on music channels and working with funding from NZ on Air. In the mean time, they plan to continue working their craft, rocking out whole shows, and sculling it to the day.


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