Ill School Productions, New Zealand

  • Style: Hip hop, Rap

Wetini Rapana (aka Overstand) is a rapper committed to reviving the culture of underground hip hop and spreading knowledge through music. Overstand has been steadily growing a reputation for the content  of his lyricism, one philosophically-driven verse at a time. He studied Audio Production from 2011 to 2013 where he collaborated in numerous songs and projects – including the formation of 3 Days to the East,  with whom he's performed at upwards of 50 live shows. He has been featured in 2 collaborative music videos  rapping with his crew, including the 3 Days to the East drinking anthem 'Deja Vu'.

While continuing with his music, Overstand is now focused on an additional outlet to hone his writing skills – journalism. He focuses on contributing his writing skills to the music scene by reviewing gigs, albums, and raising awareness to events in Invercargill. Outside of 3 Days to the East, he is also growing his solo discography and performing live sets of his own solo work. He “can't wait” to work more closely with instrumental musicians, and continue collaborating with more like-minded artists. Overstand hopes to release a solo EP or album later this year titled 'R.A.P. - Rhythm and Philsophy'.


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