Optimus Gryme Recordings - Organik _ Audio - Bassweight Recordings, New Zealand

  • Style: Dubstep electronica, Experimental down beat/Dub

Soulware The Dub music collective from New Zealands Deep South take a very unique approach to today's " Bass Music " offering a refreshing breath of life to a world of disposable beats.

The Soulware live shows are deliver a breathe taking combinations of elements from dubstep,  drum and bass, dub electonica, trip hop, blues and rock that will submerge the listener into  a depth of sonic sound scape and rhythm that will move your body and soul.

Soulware is, features and includes:

Harry Bretherton (organikismness) - Drums, bass, keys and production
Jono Leask (Onyx / JB Naste / Hori) - Vocals
Donelle Manihera - Keys and Clarenette
Nick Garraway - trumpet
Saelyn Guyton - Vox
Charlie B (Optimus Gryme) - founding bro member and record manager
Eric Hillman (Billy Fluid) - Feature vox
Ben Stanford (Dubfx) - Feature box and sound fx
Ras Judah Seomung (Judah) - Feature vox
Harry Mahia - Gat
Vance Manu - Gat / soundboy
Eochai Vallentine - Vox and Percussion

We have yet to confirm what line up will feature at Twisted Frequency.


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