The Merlin Webster Experience

New Zealand

  • Style: Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Reggae/Psychedelic

The Merlin Webster Experience is an enigma wrapped in a riddle enshrouded in mystery...Not really! It's just that guy from all those other bands playing his own songs for a  change with some of his mates who are also in lots of other bands. Sound familiar?

That's right, you're in Wellington and this is Live Music!

The guy in question is Tim Key (when he's not messing around with silly musical/magical  aliases like Merlin Webster) and the bands he's from are: Newtown Rocksteady, Sam Manzanza's Afrobeat Band, Los Jineteros, The Town Crier, IRootz, The Overseas Experiment, Sudakanz, Consenses and more!

He plays the guitar and sings and writes most of the songs.

His mates are: on the keys, Zach Beard (David Grace, The Shelley Bay Cartel, Los Jineteros, IRootz); on guitar, Jeremy Desmond (Newtown Rocksteady, Fraser Ross and the Felt Tips); on the drums, Ben Lovell (Hoon, Melting Faces); on the bass Mr Mike Duffy (Newtown Rocksteady, Hikoikoi, Zirigidum); and you never know who else might turn up for a jam! (Cause that's how we roll in Welly!)

And what does their music sound like? Well, that's a tricky one... hard to say really... Some of it's sort of folky,  rock'n'rolly, reggae, bluesy, kooky, swirly, country, irie, psychedelic something.

But basically you're just gonna have to come and see/hear for yourselves!


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