The Wednesday Experiment

Pitt street massive, Australia

  • Style: Trip Hop, Electronica
So what is "The Wednesday Experiment"?????
With Trip Hop style vocals
A barrage of insane beats
Collaborations from all over the globe
There are no rules
There is no genre
WE Experiment WE Collaborate
WE Evolve
Anything Can Happen
We find random insanely talented buskers on the street, record them playing their crazy instruments,
 and build tracks around the sampled sounds.
We have crazy MC's doing guest appearances on tracks. 
We contact bedroom producers from soundcloud, who are hidden in all parts of the globe, 
and make tracks with them.
Emily's voice is the signature part of every track.
Pete's artillery barrage of beats rounds up the tracks to new levels.
Live shows we perform as a 2 piece, with beats, Emily's live vocals, crazyass visuals and general mayhem,


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