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This new years the Twisted Frequency fire and circus crew are bringing a huge range of toys as well as a healthy supply of fuel and are inviting you to come play, learn new tricks and spin some FIRE!

We are running workshops from the 31st till the 2nd, midday until 6pm.
5-6pm is an open spin session, all the workshop teachers will be hanging out jamming and welcome you to ask them anything! Or just come join us for an evening spin before we kick off the night and crack out the pegasol!


Offering an awesome range of workshops from, Pass the Poi, Ground Staff, Hula Hoops, Juggling and so much more!!!

Circo peeps be sure to join us for a massive group spin before the midnight countdown!


Can't wait to jam and get our flow on with you all!
Much love from the fire and circus flowmies <3

Twisted Frequency Ticket Launch: Dunedin

Twisted Frequency Festival is proud to present the Ticket launch tour!

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