oJae is the ambient/downbeat project of Max Spackman. A visceral downtempo journey through vibrant soundscapes and layers of emotive vibrations. Haunting melodies, warm pulsing bass and spacey syncopated percussion come together to create a dream-like atmosphere, carrying the listener from dizzying heights to melancholic lulls and back again.


After performing the last few years at festivals around Australia (Regrowth, Dragon Dreaming, Psyfari, Collaborations, Subsonic, Wide Open Space and Rainbow Serpent to name a few), a lack of representation from the ambient/downbeat spectrum of sound became obvious. This birthed the concept of TranquiLab, a collective label catering to sounds not aimed at a 4/4 dancefloor; ambient, chillout, downbeat, dub etc. 

With TranquiLab set to launch in Late 2017, and a full length album due in December, keep your ears peeled for more from oJae.


Twisted Frequency Ticket Launch: Dunedin

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